Updating the BI Connector

From time to time we add new features to Bi4Cloud and sometimes these changes require an update of the BI4Cloud Connector. At these times you will need to update the BI Connector to be able to continue to sync your data to our service.

This is very straightforward so please follow these instructions:

1. Locate the server where the current BI4CloudConnector is installed. (It is a Bi4 icon on the desktop.)


2. Open it and login using your BI administrator username and password

3. The system will display a dialogue indicating there is a new version of the connector. Ignore the versions numbers in this screen shot below - they are  simply to illustrate that current and previous versions are displayed. You should make a note on your screen of the new version number and check that is the version after the upgrade is completed.


4. Click OK to install

5. ** Note you may need to accept a dialogue that the old connector must be stopped **

6. Proceed to install and once installed run the BI connector. You will see it’s version number is updated.

7.  Use your BI administrator username and password to login to the Connector

8. After you login dismiss any dialog questions that may occur and press “Advanced Options” on the bottom of the BI Connector screen.

9. Check the connections are still correct ( use the Edit button ) 

10. Once checked then close the BI Connector and any other BI dialogs.

11. To run BI reports always login at my.BI4Cloud.com

For more detail please refer to this article. https://support.bi4cloud.com/hc/en-us/articles/204382590-BI-Connector-Install-Use

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