Issue Opening Excel Spreadsheets created with Bi4Cloud

Are you getting an error message like this when you export to excel - File could be Corrupt?


This is newer versions of Excel trying to protect you from opening a spreadsheet that it beleives may be unsafe. Newer versions of Excel do this check by comparing it's expected format with that of the file and because Bi4Cloud creates an Excel format compatible with older versions of Excel you get this message.

We need to fix this issue.

Meanwhile it is safe to click through if you get this warning. 

However, if your system settings are such that you are blocked from opening the file then you can try the following work-arounds.


  1. Use an Apple Mac and run BI4Cloud in the Safari browser
  2. Email Now to send the excel file to your email where you can open it

On the toolbar you will see the Excel and CSV exports - highlighted in red below - which is what you used to create the Excel spreadsheet. Next to this is an Email Now button in green.



Select the Email Now button and the following screen is displayed


On this screen type your email address and select the Excel format and then press the Email button.

This will send the Excel spreadsheet as an email attachment to you. This process uses a format compatible with newer Excel versions and you will be able to open the spreadsheet.

We have scheduled to redevelop the standard export feature to work with newer Excel versions and a soon as that is complete we will update this article.


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