AR Aged Debtors with Foreign Amount Due

From 14th March 2017 the AR Aged Debtors report now calculates the Total Foreign Amount Due.

This is hidden by default but can be exposed using the +/-Cols to display it.

Follow these steps

1. Run the AR Aged Debtor favourite


2. Select +/-Cols


3. Select the TotalDueFX ( Total Foreign Amount Due ), The Currency and the Exchange Rate


4. The new columns are displayed




  1. The Ageing is still done in the local currency and the Foreign Amount Due is in the foreign currency
  2. Depending upon the dimension shown the Foreign Amount Due may not be accurate. Why ?
    • When showing the Customer or Invoice dimensions the Foreign Amount Due will be correct because their is only one possible currency per customer in MYOB.
    • Other dimensions such as SaleRep can have a mix of Customer and so the Foreign Amount Due cannot be relied upon
    • The Total of the Foreign Amount Due is for convenience when displaying transactions of the same   currency.
  3. The Foreign Amount Due = Each Invoice Amount Due X Each Invoice Exchange Rate
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