Creating Reports in BI4Cloud

Bi4Cloud is delivered with over 60 favourite reports. These reports have been created using the BI tool and are intended as a starting point for you own reports.

When you use Bi4Cloud you have tabular reports, charts and visualisations. These option are available for the Advanced Panel.


There is incredible diversity in the types of report that you can produce however all these possibilities stem from only three types of reports.

  1. Analyse By
  2. Pivot
  3. Compare

In each of these reports you choose one or more date ranges, one of more dimensions and one or more metrics

Screen_Shot_2017-03-13_at_2.31.26_pm.pngYou can choose to Group the results which then sub-totals at the change of each Group. When this is done you have additional functionality in the report output.


So the reports output format is determined by the report type you choose 

  1. Analyse By
  2. Pivot
  3. Compare

and the dates, dimensions and metrics you choose and the group by dimensions.

Screen_Shot_2017-03-13_at_2.32.53_pm.pngTo learn more about how to use BI4Cloud please see our BI101 Video and the other videos in the Help area of our Bi4Cloud website.

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