Bi4Cloud Reseller FAQs (ABSS SG)

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Q1: Partner will receive their signup email direct from BI Australia?


Q2:  A. Is there a sample of what the reseller signup email looks like? How to use the Cloud Account?

See sample email attached. 

An Advisor/Reseller account has all the same facilities as a Normal Account. They can attach their accounting system and use this in their business.

Because a Advisor account has the ability to attach 5 companies the Advisor can connect other companies datafile for the purposes of investigation and demo. It is not intended to connect clients data to  the Advisor account for the purposes of consultancy. Each clients needs to buy their own Bi4Cloud subscription. Advisor can access the clients subscription and provide consultancy.

To understand how to use Bi4Cloud you can do watch the videos at

The Advisor/Reseller account has additional facilities to enable Advisors to monitor their clients usage  of Bi4Cloud. These are discussed in Advisor Features in Bi4Cloud

Q2: B. how to connect their database?

This is explained in Signing up for Bi4Cloud.

Q3: What are the steps for a partner to get their Advisor Code?

Step1: Partner to Signup via
Step2: Partner/Channel to email
Step3: Forward email to Charles/Jennifer (by Dwight)
Step4: Partner will receive Welcome email and links to get started
Step5: ABSS to followup with Partners on their usage and onboarding with BI4Cloud or their potentials

Q4: Where can I find the Feature difference of BI Lite vs Bi Professional vs Bi Enterprise respectively?

Full Feature differences are listed on the Pricing page

Q5: How do I get detail information on what are the given standard reports (ie. list of standard reports either for Lite, Pro and Enterprise.)

The Pre built Favourite reports are the same in all versions ( see link above) however these are just examples to help users to get started they can make hundreds of their own reports to suit what they need. A list of report names is not very useful, the See it page on our website has many examples shown as videos and also the Help Centre includes many articles explaining how to solve common problems using various BI reports e.g. Which Customers have Stopped Buying.

The main types of MYOB Clients that BI4Cloud can provide significant benefits are:
  • Using Item Sales and or Inventory - provides very flexible sales & Margin analysis
  • Using Jobs to manage Projects - provides flexible Job profit reporting including Actual v Budget and can include committed costs
  • Using Jobs to run Cost centres or Departments - provides ability to maintain and report on Monthly job Budgets
  • Running multiple MYOB files - Can consolidate multiple files

Sometimes the sample report may not have a column the user needs
but because they can show/hide column and choose different dimensions they often find
what they require.

We strongly suggest people use our resources

This has videos on how to use BI

There a link to help desk and all our help is searchable then type something in the search bar eg “Sales Budgets"

We offer free 15 mins demos which can be booked at

Q6: Are the Cloud Account automatically signed them (both end users, Partners) for BI Enterprise 1user 1data ? Please confirm

A: As for Trial we normally sign the user/Partners with the Enterprise 5 user.

Q7: It’s free 14days trial.

A: FREE for use for 14days

Q8: How could partner request extension? Email me, then can I forward to Bi team directly?

A: Email to,  goto 

Q9: Who supports if partners have question? 

A: We or They can refer to the or for some immediate assistance or email



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