Editing in the Advanced panel

When you use BI you can control how you analyse your reports. You can do this either in the Advanced page or in the Results page by using the Toolbar Icons and the Dimension Selectors. It is more intuitive to do your analyse in the Results page where you can change Analyse By, Order By, Group By, Select columns etc. When you do these actions you'll see a list of breadcrumbs under the tool bar. The Advance icon in the toolbar takes you the Advanced page but when you click that icon all your changes you have done are lost.

Rather than clicking the Advance Icon there are two useful hints to know.

1. If you want to edit the result of your efforts while in the result page and edit these inadvanced page then click on the last breadcrumb (if you hover over it you'll see bubble help).


2. If however you want to edit the original parameters then click the first breadcrumb (if you hover over it you'll see bubble help). 


In short -
To edit in the advanced there are 2 different contexts you can edit

1. The original Query Context. ( Click on the second breadcrumb )
2. The current Query Context. ( Click on the very last breadcrumb )


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