SQL Errors

A SQL error has occurred while accessing your data-source (details)

When a SQL error occurs, it likely that the data extraction has failed for one of the following reasons:

  • Your company file has been renamed and/or moved
  • Your MYOB Administrator password has changed
  • Your MYOB company file has been upgraded to a newer version and the Company File Type selected (ODBC driver version) is incorrect

Run the Setup your BI for MYOB program and choose Setup > Company # and update it with the correct details and choose Save. Repeat these steps for additional company files.

The above procedure is a work-around. Sometimes people move their company files to a different location and the above procedure let's BI know where they are again,.
However if you are needing to do this every morning then it means the BI product has not been correctly installed. If your BI product has been installed correctly then the extraction process runs after midnight and your BI system will be ready each morning. If you find that at the start of the day you get SQL errors then it means the extraction doesn't have the Administration rights. Your system administrator needs to re-install the BI software as Administrator to completely solve this.

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