Exporting to Spreadsheets with Group By Sub-total Fields

The BI product has 3 editions

  1. Lite
  2. Professional 
  3. Enterprise

The Professional and Enterprise versions have the ability to export to spreadsheets via the toolbar icons. This can be CSV or Excel.



Here is an example report from our standard favourites "Inventory - Slow Movers". We want to have both the Stock Item and the Supplier displayed so we have this Grouped By Supplier. If we export this report to Excel it will be less easy to work with because of the Supplier Sub-Totals lines. We can change this to have the Supplier on each line and still maintain the item numbers.

First locate the Properties icon on the right hand side of the field selection panels.

The following screen will be displayed. 

If you change the Group Layout and press Done the following layout will display.



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