Favourite Reports - Sort Rows (Order By)

Easily sort the data in your reports using the Order By field.

This is an excellent way to organise your data to make it easier to analyse.

For Example to see all Customer Sales Ordered By Total Sales for the period from largest to smallest:

  1. Open the Sales (All Types) - by Customer Favourite.

    Notice that the Order By is set to Total Sales and Desc (Descending order). This will sort your data based on Total Sales value for the Sales Date selected. 

  2. The column to sort by is determined by the Order By field.
    To change the sort column to say Margin % click on the Order By field and select Margin%. 

  3. An alternate way to sort is to Click on the Column Name.

    One click to sort in Descending order and again to change to Ascending. 

  4. Order by Multiple Dimensions

    To Order by multiple Dimensions Click on the Green + on the right of the Order by variable.

    Choose up to 3 levels to Order by






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