Hide and Show Columns

Our standard Favourite reports show the columns we think most people will want to see.

You can easily Hide many of these columns if you do not need to see them.

Better still you may also find that there are other useful columns hidden from view.

For Example to see Sales and Qty by Customer but not Margin and Costs:

  1. Open the Margin by Customer Favourite.

  2. Select the +/-Cols icon to select columns to Hide or Show.

  3. Move Fields to the Hide box on the left or the Show box on the right to Hide or Show them in the report.
    Use the Green Arrows to change the order the Columns appear.

  4. The resulting report.

  5. Analyze by Detail reports are right down at the Invoice line/Transaction level.
    Detail reports can be very busy and provide numerous fields available to Show or Hide. 

  6. Remember to look through the Hidden fields for more options to repot on.

  7. Detail report after hiding columns.

  8. Save the report as a new Favourite to use it again and again.




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