Supplier Rebates - Make claiming easy and accurate

Claiming Rebates from your Suppliers quickly and accurately can be critical to your cash-flow.

As every supplier may run:

  • different promotions,
  • covering different time periods,
  • on varying products or ranges; and
  • for only select customer groups

it is vital to have a tool that is extremely flexible to be able to handle all of these situations.

For Example:

A supplier (Sparkling Water Ltd) may offer a rebate of:

  • $5 per item sold
  • for sales from 8 Sept to 21 Sept
  • on two of their item codes
  • for sales made to all McDonalds stores in NSW


  1. In MYOB Use Custom Lists and Fields to assign all McDonalds stores to the Customer Group "McDonalds".  This will allow you to then filter and report on sales to ALL McDonalds stores.
    (To find out how to use Custom lists in MYOB Click Here)  

  2. In MYOB assign the Supplier Sparkling Water Ltd as the Primary Supplier against each Item.
    This will allow you to then filter and report on all Items supplied by Sparkling Water Ltd.

    If you do not Buy the Item so cannot assign as the Primary Supplier then instead Use Custom Lists and Fields to assign the Supplier there.  This will allow you to then filter and report on sales of ALL Items supplied by Sparkling Water.

  3. To calculate the total Quantity of each Item bought by each McDonalds Customer in NSW use BI4Cloud to run a Report as follows:

    • Pivot Customer v  Item - to see what each customer bought
    • Filter by - Customer Group = McDonalds
    • Filter by Supplier = Sparkling Water
    • Filter by Customer State = NSW
    • Filter by Items - if only some products get a rebate
    • Set the Custom Sales Date range = to the Promotion dates

  4. Alternatively use BI 4Cloud to run the same report as an Analyze type report.

  • Analyse by Customer
  • Group by Item - to see which customer bought each Item
  • Filter by - Customer Group = McDonalds
  • Filter by Supplier = Sparkling Water
  • Filter by Customer State = NSW
  • Filter by Items - if only some products get a rebate
  • Set the Custom Sales Date range = to the Promotion dates

    To learn how to set Filters, Make a Pivot Report and Hide Columns (to only see Qty and Total Sales)  see the detailed User Guide.

5. Need to report Sales by individual Invoice by item?

  • Analyse by Detail - this will report right down at line item detail
  • +/- Columns - to hide columns you don't need to see
  • Click here for help creating Detail reports


  • Don't forget to save your report as a Favourite to use as a base again and again. 
















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