Should I allow each Sales Rep to login to BiforMYOB or just send them emails?

The advantage of allowing users, especially Sales Reps, to login to BIforMYOB is:

  • Users will be able to answer their own questions and get the full benefit of the interactive nature of the software rather than just getting a flat report. In particular when they see an issue they can just click to drilldown to see more detail, e.g. what items is the customer buying or what transactions caused the margin to be below average in a certain period.

  • Each User (Sales Rep) can create, save and share their own set of new Favourite reports that look at the data exactly how they want it (e.g. filtered on only certain customers or groups of items or showing trends over various periods), rather than relying on just the preset report sent to them.

  • Allows users to access key data from your MYOB company file (e.g. Customer’s balance owing) without the risk of having the user login to MYOB itself.
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