Excel files opening as html in the Browser

Some users may find that when sending a report to Excel it opens within the browser as html rather than opening as an Excel file.

  1. Choose the Excel Export icon

  2. Choose Save File if you are given the option rather than Open File 

  3. If you have previously ticked an Option to Not Show the Download File box you may no longer get this Option to Open or Save when you Export to Excel, the Excel file may open directly in your Browser where you can view it but not easily edit it.

  4. Instead Right Click on Excel Export icon.  Choose Save Target As, this will download the Excel file for you to choose a location. From there you can open it in excel.


More Detail about Excel format

In BI4Cloud when exporting to Excel directly from BI4Cloud it sends the File to they browser in HTML which Excel is able to interpet.

To get a genuine Excel spreadsheet, you need to select Save As, and set to Excel, as explained above.

On the other hand BI4Cloud sends Emails in genuine XLS format.

If you want to generate correctly formatted Excel files directly from the BI4Cloud user interface (GUI), there is an Option called Email Now, where you can set the format to Excel, and it will email the user an Excel spreadsheet immediately.


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