Favourite Reports - Default Date Ranges

Many of the Standard Favourite reports are set to run for the full Financial year.

Easily change the Default Date Range in any report, save as a new Favourite and it will report exactly the right dates every time you open it.

Note:If the Default "This Year" date range does not match your Financial year Click Here to learn how to fix it.

For example to change your reports to run for the Year to Last Month (useful to do month end):

  1. Open one of the Default Favourite reports.
    Notice that the default Transaction Date range is set to the full Financial Year.


  2.  Click on the little calendar icon and Select a New Date Range - Year to Last Month


  3. Note that these are defined in plain English so that each time you run the report it will determine the dates "relative to today's date".

  4. Another way to quickly change dates on the fly is to Click on the "Play" (Triangle buttons) to moves dates Forward and Back.


  5. Using a Rolling Year is another great way to make sure your reports always contain enough data.
    Choose the Calendar icon on the Data Range, scroll down find the Rolling Period:

    - YTY (Rolling This Year) = Year to Yesterday
    - YTY (Rolling Last Year) = Year to Yesterday (Previous year)
    - YTD (Rolling This Year) = Year to Today
    - YTD (Rolling Last Year) = Year to Today (Previous year)
    - YTM (Rolling This Year to Month End) = 13 full months to end of the current month - Great to use with a Pivot by Months across the columns


  6. Remember to Save to Create your own new Favourite with the New date range, or if running one of your own Favourites simply choose Update to update the date range that Favourite uses.


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