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Custom Lists and Fields created in MYOB are available in reports in BIforCloud.

There are some subtle differences depending on where you source your MYOB data file.

Cloud MYOB (API) to Cloud BI

When your MYOB company file is in the Cloud we are able to read the Names you give to Custom Lists and Fields.   These Names will appear in the reporting dimensions in BI just as you see them in MYOB.

Desktop MYOB (ODBC) to Cloud BI

With Classic MYOB your company file is on your PC or Server and is accessed using the ODBC driver. The BI4Cloud Connector uses this ODBC driver to read your data. The MYOB supplied ODBC driver does not allow access to the Names of Custom Fields but does have access to the Names of Custom Lists. Because of this we create a pseudo Custom Field Name so you can use these dimensions in your reports.

The Name we create is the name of area that the field is used in (Customer, Item, Supplier, Employee) plus the word 'Field' plus '_' plus a sequence number. Eg CustomerField_1.

Lets see what this means in practice.

Here is a sample set of Custom Fields and Lists for Customer, Item, Supplier etc.



Following is the list of the standard analysis dimensions in our Item Sales reports.


Now here is the same list with the Custom Lists and Custom Fields added. The Custom Lists are highlighted in read, the Custom Fields are highlighted in blue. So although we cannot read the Name of a Custom Field in MYOB we can indicate one is present and you can analyse and filter by these.

The new Custom List and Field Names will appear in Alphabetical order in BI. Be careful to name each List differently so you can tell which is which. For example if you name a Customer List, an Item List and a Supplier List all "Category" you will see them all in BI as Category and it will be difficult to tell which is which. Further MYOB ALREADY has a field called Category itself so you will see that too.

Instead use names like Customer Category, Item Category etc. 

Note also that Custom Lists and Fields will only appear in BI as a dimension IF you have data in the Custom List or Field.

To show this, in the Item List in MYOB above the third list has a Label 'Item3rd' but no 'Item3rd' List Name appears in the analyse list in BI (it's highlighted in green). This is because although the List Name has been defined in MYOB there is no data entered against any Items.

As soon as Items have data entered against the Custom List and you refresh the data to the cloud these will appear in BI.


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