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BI Connector Updates

BI for Cloud has been updated with new mappings and features and for your company files to work correctly you need to update your BI Connector and refresh your data.

We have also added the ability for connecting multiple companies and a one-button Refresh All feature in this update.

You must update the connector even if you do not need these new feature because without it you will get errors when running BI.

The current connector is version - you can see this version number in the lower right of the application window when you launch the BI connector. See the screenshot. If your connector is not this version you must install the latest one. Follow the instructions below.


1. Remove Old BI Connector

To reliably update the connector you should remove the old program. Locate the PC or server that has the existing BI Connector installed and uninstall it.  Uninstalling the BI Connector program differs on different versions of windows

On windows 7 you do this. 

Start Menu > Control Panel > Programs and Features


 When you select Programs and Features the screen below will display. Find and select  the "Bi4Cloud Connector" program.

Select Uninstall and the program is removed.

2. Install Latest BI Connector

After downloading the install program follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation. Once installed run the BI connector. You should get a screen like this.

You can now login using the user name and password you entered when you signed up for BI. For further instructions on connecting and synchronising one or more company files Click Here

If you are having problems logging in or connecting to our servers try these steps Click Here


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