Connect and Sync AccountRight Live OR MYOB Classic

Bi4Cloud provides Cloud based reporting and analytics from AccountRight Live data or Classic MYOB company files. It does this by synchronising this data to our BI Cloud servers.

Free Trial Sign Up

Go to and click on Free Trial to Sign up for a BI account.

If you have already Signed Up but have not linked up a company file then follow these instructions.

1) Log onto using the email address & password you used to create your account:

2) As you have not defined any companies yet, you will be presented with the following page:

If you are using AccountRight Live version of MYOB, click on the Cloud Connect button. If you are using MYOB AccountRight / Premier / AccountEdge, click on the Desktop Sync button. 
3) If you have clicked on Cloud Connect, you will be taken to MYOB’s website to log in using your account credentials. if you are using a MYOB AccountRight / Premier / AccountEdge company file please proceed to step 7) below:
After logging in, you maybe asked if you wish to grant access to BI for Cloud to have access to your company files.
4) Select the company file you wish to use on BI for Cloud, and if required, enter in the password for the MYOB Administrator user:
Note that when saving changes, the MYOB Administrator password entered is verified against your company file. This process can take a little while to complete, so please be patient.
5) You will then be returned to the dashboard. Click on the Sync button to schedule a sync of your company file data so you can run reports. Depending on the size of your MYOB company file, this can take some time to complete. You will receive an email on completion (or failure) of this process completing.

6) Once the sync has completed, you can click on the Run button to run the defined reports against your company file.
7) If you are using an AccountRight / Premier / AccountEdge, you will be asked to download our desktop connector software which will assist you with extracting your company file data to run reports on. After clicking on Desktop Sync, you will be taken to the download page. Click on Launch Desktop Sync to download the setup application:

8) After the application setup utility has downloaded, install the BI4Cloud connector utility.
Important Note: Please be mindful of the user name you are logged into on your windows server. If you install the connector when you are logged in as windows Administrator then you will need to be logged in as windows Administrator when you next want to synchronises your company data. This is not normally desirable. For this reason we suggest you be logged into you local windows system as the normal windows user who uses MYOB when you install the connector as this will work best when refreshing data on subsequent refreshes. Further details can be found here 
9) Once the installation has been installed, it will automatically open (unless you unchecked the option in the installer). At the login window, enter in your email address & password you entered during signup:
10) Choose the product type (either AccountRight / Premier):
11) Click Browse and select your company file. You will be asked for MYOB account credentials to allow the connector to access your company file:

12) Click Refresh to Cloud to save the company setup and to do an extract of your MYOB company file data so you can report on it. As we do not store the user name & password for your MYOB company file (unless you setup your company in the Advanced Options) you will be prompted again for your MYOB credentials:
13) Once the refresh has completed, you can click on the Start Analysing button to allow you to run the defined reports.
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