BI4Cloud - Add Users and User Access

Account Types

There are two types of users or accounts in BI4Cloud, Admin and Standard users.  All users by default will be able to access all BI4cloud Default reports and create and save their own reports.

Admin Users

The first user that was created when you signed up for BI is an Admin user by default.

The Admin user can access the following areas:

  • Organisation - Change Organisation details
  • User Admin - Add and remove users 
  • Company - Add new company files or disconnect company files
  • Support - Access Support area including BI Community
  • Payment - Access and change the subscription plans including payment details
  • Cool Stuff - Access Cool Stuff features including KPI's
  • Spark Charts - Hover on charts to see values or click to change

Login as a BI Admin user to see the Cloud Account Administration Console.


Add Users / Grant other Users Admin User Rights

Admin users are able to Add users and grant other users Admin User Rights on the User Admin tab.

When you Add a new user they will be sent an email to confirm and to setup their new password.


Standard Users

A Standard user is only able to Run and Save BI Reports.

A Standard user is taken directly to the BI Analysis screen on login which looks like this.


Restrict User Access

To restrict user access to only some types of reports:

  • Email
  • Advise user email address
  • Advise list of report types the user is able to access e.g.:
      • Can only see Sales and Inventory reports; or
      • Cannot see P&L and Balance sheet reports


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