Why use Cloud Based Analytics and Reporting ?

Cloud Based Reporting

At Interactive Reporting we have been providing organisations with specialist reporting and analysis of their data for many years. 

What we have seen is -

Larger organisation have the time and resources to define their business KPI's and develop reporting systems that measure and monitor business activity.

Smaller organisations can also utilise these systems but often they are time poor and have insufficient resources to define the reporting needs of their business. Businesses are different but have enough similarities that the big picture things are the same.

Small Business work Smart

Whether the company is in product distribution or managing  projects the best performing jobs, products, salespeople, customer and suppliers need to be monitored and the worst performing jobs, products, salespeople, customer and supplier need to be known an action taken.

  • When you're running a project you must know if it's performing to budget.
  • When you have your buyers rep trying to sell you more product you need to know how well that products performed in the past.
  • You can't wait for the accounts department to run stuff out to Excel and fiddle around to provide a report.

So what we did is we packaged up the key functionality that is common to most organisations and created Business Intelligence for Cloud (BI4Cloud)

In implementing this product over hundred of businesses we have learnt a lot about small business needs and their work patterns. When a small business has a problem it's usually one person's job to research the solutions, try it on their data and implement quickly. They have hours not days. They can't muck about.

BI Cloud is born

We determined the best approach to be fast and flexible was a cloud based business intelligence system because it was -

  •  Easier for our users to access
  •  Easier for our users to connect their data to
  •  More cost effective because it aligns with the other operating costs of their business
  • Easier for our user to maintain because we took care of that.

We have called this product Business Intelligence for Cloud  or BI4Cloud.

It works by user's signing up for a free trial and connecting their data.

That Sign Up can be accomplished here 

Once connected they can login on their desktop, notebook or tablet at our cloud servers here

Benefits of Bi4Cloud

For the End User
  1. Try before you buy
    1. Our 14-day free evaluation allows you to trial the software on your own data and be confident that it meets your requirements before you commit. 
  2. Align your costs to your income
    1. Subscription pricing includes the use of BI on our servers and update and email support. The service can be subscribed to by a choice of Monthly or discounted Yearly. This means there is no need for upfront license costs because Bi4Cloud is pay as you go.
  3. Secure multi-user access on the go.
    1. With the secure BI4Cloud site your information is available whenever you need them and wherever you are. So they have on the go access with a tablet, a notebook or any device with a web browser.
  4. Software is always up-to-date without expensive support costs.
    1. Bi4Cloud subscription pricing includes automatic software updates and email support. So If you change your server or update your accounting software you simply login to your BI account and reconnect to Bi4Cloud.
    2. Our monitoring systems alert us to many issues such as problems with login or synchronisation and this allows us pro-actively assist you.
  5. Take the load off your mind and your servers
    1. Because your using our Bi4Cloud server for your reports and analytics there is no conflict or locking with other users of your system. We take the reporting load off  your servers freeing them for other tasks.
For the Resellers and Consultants
  1. "Establish the need" during the evaluation process
    1. Sales 101 : Establish the need, Nurture the desire, Bring forward the buying date.
    2. People engage more actively when they see their own data in a demo. They establish the need for the product and can see how it solves their problem.
    3. The prospects understand their data because they understand their business and they bond with those systems that allow that familiarity and this nurtures the desire to have the product.
  2. Scale your skills, systemise your consultancy, create an income stream, improve client retention
    1. Your business is engaged in face to face consultancy and services and this is a great business but to scale you need more and more consultants. Often your client want YOU and nobody else. With Bi4Cloud you can leverage you skills and experience. Firstly you engage with your clients by implementing their ad hoc daily, weekly and monthly reporting requirements and optionally have these automatically delivered. So you sell your services for the reporting implementation.  
    2. Once the implementation is done you continue to receive a share of the subscription income on Bi4Cloud. Sign up 100 clients over time and you continue to get an income stream each month without contacting each client.
    3. Proactive support - receive login and activity reports on the metadata of your clients use of BI, see what they use most and pre-emptively stop churn
  3. Join the Cloud and Mobile conversation - be part of the buzz
    1. What Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon have in common is their products define the Cloud and Mobility. Your clients are bombarded with this constantly and expect to use this innovative technology to their advantage. When you promote Bi4Cloud you will be part of the Cloud buzz. Your client can use the B4Cloud solution in their office, at their home or when they are engaging with their suppliers / customers talking about purchases / sales, margins and credit control. 
  4. Simplified Install
    1. When Bi4Cloud works with a Server products, like AccountEdge or MYOB Classic, there is a simple BI Connector that is downloaded and used to connect to the company files. There is no need for Windows administrator passwords. If you can access the MYOB file then you can connect it to the cloud.

Don't wait - Sign Up for your free trial now. Click here

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