Showing and Hiding Fields in Reports

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When you run a favourite report you will only see the fields in the favourite report that the author of the favourite determined were necessary. The way a favourite works is it remembers all the fields and settings that were in place when the favourite was saved. If you use the favourite as a basis for your own report then all those settings will remain until you change them.

Lets see how to change fields in practice by using the standard favourite Sales (Item) - Customer by Item.

We have highlighted the Analyse By dimension in the above - it is important to understand that it is only the Dimension currently in the Analyse By that will have its available fields shown in the +/- Cols  step.

Locate the +/- Cols tool bar icon - it looks like this 

When that is pressed you will see a dialog with the hidden (Hide) and visible (Show) columns. The first five fields are hidden fields of the Customer dimension which is the dimension in the Analyse By.

The sixth field, Discount, a hidden measure field. Measures are the calculated fields to the right of a dimension in a report. In the above example the fields on the right of Customer CardIdentification are measures

Let's show Customer ID and Last Sales Date by selecting them and pressing the right arrow and then pressing Done.

You will then see the report now includes these fields.


If that report has what you want then you should then Save it as a favourite.

Now for something a little more advanced.

Changing fields in Group By

In the above report you will notice it has

  • Analyse By "Customer"
  • Group By "Item" and the group by has a sub-total

The fields that appear in the Group By line can be changed if required.

To do this you need to put the Group By dimension in the Analyse By dimension and then use the +/- Cols to show the available fields for the Item dimension however you will need to take it out of the Group By first.

Then when you +/- Cols you will see and be able change the fields available for the Item

The steps are -

  • Change the Group By to (No Grouping)
  • Make that dimension the Analyse By dimension
  • Use +/- Cols to change the fields displayed
  • Swap back the Analyse By and Group By dimensions 

The +/- Cols on the Item dimension shows the available fields

The intermediate result shows the extra field that have been selected 


and when the Item dimension is again the Group By then the resultant report now has the selected fields Item Group and StandardCost in the Group By description

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