Customer Card List - Who needs CRM?

Customer Card List

Simple yet powerful complete list of key information on ALL customers in your accounting system, even if you have not yet sold them anything! Your Sales reps will love this.

Imagine the many ways you can use this data to contact your customer base with mail outs, promotions or just to keep in touch. Why maintain a separate CRM when all of your key data is already in your financial system?

Customer Card List favourite incorporates all of the following Key Information from the Customer Card file:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Card ID
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Postcode
  • Country
  • Contact Name
  • Phone no.
  • Email
  • Customer Sales rep (MYOB)
  • On hold (MYOB)
  • Credit Limit (MYOB)
  • Active
  • Custom Lists & Custom Fields (MYOB)
  • Tracking Codes (XERO)
  • Class & Locations (QuickBooks Online)
  • Tax No. ( ABN, GST, VAT etc)
  • First Sales Date (with full Date range selector)
  • Last Sales Date (with full Date range selector)
  • Currency Code
  • Total Sales (Cumulative)
  • Days Since Last Active
  • Account Balance (Owing)
  • Customer Count 

1. Hide Columns to see just the fields you need

Choose the +/- Cols Ikon to select which columns to Hide and Show - Learn More

2. Filter to select a group of Customers

Filter by one or a combination of fields including:

  • Custom Lists - MYOB (e.g. Customer Type, Distribution channel etc)
  • Tracking Category - XERO (e.g. Salesperson, Region, Customer Group)
  • Sales rep (MYOB) to share a report with each rep of all their customers 
  • On Hold - keep track of who is on hold but has paid their account in full
  • State or Postcode - to do a Promotion targeted by Location


3. Use Smart Filters to find Customers who have stopped buying

Add a Numeric Filter to find all customers who have not bought for say over 100 days


4. Use Date ranges to Target New Customers

Identify all new Customers last month to send them a welcome promotion or customer satisfaction survey.



5. Use Date ranges to Reward Loyalty

Find current customers who first bought X years ago and reward them for loyalty. You can easily see their total Cumulative Sales history to have different categories of loyalty rewards.


6. Save your new Favourite and or Export to Excel 

After filtering and editing remember to Save your new Favourite to use over again.

Export your new Favourite report to Excel to easily use with email programs like MailChimp to create marketing campaigns or even to send Christmas cards to customers.

7. Clean up your Customer List

Or simply use the report to quickly identify errors or missing data in your Customer list.

Customers with no Sales rep, not allocated to the correct Custom list, no phone number, email or address details.





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