Large Buying Entities have significant numbers of Suppliers providing small volumes of Invoices per annum (the Tail). Many of these suppliers automatically transport invoices in pdf format, via email, from various small accounting systems, creating significant overhead for the Buying Entity.



Current Process

Typical Buyer Accounts Payable activities:

·      Retrieve the email

·      Access the pdf document

·      Print / scan the Invoice

·      Archive Invoice to a DMS

·      Manually enter the Invoice into the ERP

·      Route through the approvals process


BI4Invoice provides an add-on to accounting systems. The Supplier is sent a URL and instruction pack to create a login and connect the data source. After an initial sync, BI4Invoice will automatically retrieve the data overnight, every night, preparing the electronic Invoice details and transfer this to the Buying Entity for consumption.




Accounting Systems

BI4Invoice supports accounting systems in use across Australia including:


Purchase Orders After The Fact (POATF)

Invoices NOT containing a Purchase Order can be rejected for corrective action.






·      Improved Invoice quality

·      Improved Invoice quality

·      Reduced error/mismatch follow-up

·      Reduced error/mismatch follow-up

·      Invoice enters approval process sooner

·      Reduced AP manual invoice processes

·      Enables faster payment

·      Stops POATF

·      Secure Invoice delivery protects against

·      Supports 3-way match

invoice hi-jacking

·      Allows straight-through-processing




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