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Bi4Cloud gives you Business Intelligence on-demand, just connect your QuickBooks Online company data. Out of the box BI empowers your team to discover trends and deal with issues immediately and easily.

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With Bi4Cloud you have immediate access to pre-built KPIs and over fifty preset report favourites on Sales and Purchasing, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet. You can use these favourites as the basis of your own reports with full control of filtering and formatting. You can safely share favourites with your internal users or communicate information to your external stakeholders with schedule email. Bi4Cloud is connected to your QuickBooks Online company we automatically synch which gives you less time doing tech and more time on your business.

Why use Bi4Cloud with QuickBooks Online ?

  1. Sales representatives get access to data without a QuickBooks Online login
  2. Each user can be restricted to see only that data they need to see
  3. Analyse Class and Location on the same report with pivot, grouping and filters
  4. Which Customers have stopped buying
  5. How Business Intelligence can drive CRM
  6. Cool Charts - Dynamic sales analysis
  7. Using KPI’s to predict Sales
  8. Use Sales Budgets to Set Targets 
  9. Ultimate Month End P&L
  10. Improve cashflow by focusing on Accounts Receivable

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