3M POS Data

Automate the Creation of 3M POS Platform Template

Using MYOB AccountRight or MYOB Classic (Premier or V19) you are able to automate the creation of the 3M POS Platform Template using the Business Intelligence solution Bi4Cloud. Bi4Cloud is a Certified MYOB Add-on solution which will also provide you with a very flexible sales reporting tool to help in your business.

Create the 3M POS Report Directly from your MYOB data

Most of the required fields can be collected directly from Item sales transactions in MYOB.

Some fields will require you to setup your MYOB file to be able to automate the reporting.


Setup your MYOB file to collect Key data

Field 1 - Channel Partner ID

Enter into the Card ID field on the Supplier Card


Field 2 - Sales Org & Fields 4 & 5 Period Start & End dates

Sales Org (country) - enter into the Supplier Card as a Custom Field
Period Start Date and Period End Date - enter into the Supplier Card as Custom Fields
Note: The Start & End date should be entered into the Supplier Card field each month in the format YYYYMMDD e.g. 1 May 18 is 20180501


Field 15 - Material Short ID

Enter as the Item Number on the Item card


Field 16 - Material UPC 

Enter as Supplier Item Number on the Buying Details tab of the Supplier card.

Enter 3M as the Primary Supplier for Reorders, this will help to later filter to report on all 3M products sold.


Field 17 - Material ID or SKU & Field 22 - Unit of Measure UOM

Product Code - enter on the Item Details tab of the Item Card.

UOM - enter as a 3 character e.g. BOX, EA on the Item Details tab of the Item Card




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