My Favourites display SQL errors

Bi4Cloud allows you to design and define your own report and save this as a favourite.

The favourite relies upon a report mapping and you can see the mapping name to the right of the favourite.


From time to time the report mappings are updated to fix issues and add features and this can cause preset favourites to fail.

A favourite works by storing the settings of a report which are then recalled to run the report.

If the report mapping changes then some of the previous fields referenced by the favourite can change and this will cause a SQL error. To rectify this the favourite needs to be updated to re-align to the report.

Often this can be achieved by an edit of the Favourite's definitions.

To do this follow these steps -

1. Locate the favourite and press the Edit

2. Select Modify Favourite Definitions

3. Update the favourites definitions by pressing GO

This realigns the favourite to the changed report mapping.

Retry the favourite. This will usually fix the SQL issue. 

If the Favourite continues to fail you will need to re-create it completely. 


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