BI Connector and Moving Servers

BI4Cloud works with many accounting packages both cloud based and server based. To connect to server based systems a BI Connector is installed on the server  when you add the first company to BI4Cloud.

This connector communicates with our Cloud server and pushes data to our cloud.

If you change your server or move to another server this existing connection must be removed and the connector uninstalled otherwise there will be conflicting connections, your data will not sync and your reports will be wrong.

Follow these steps

  1. On the old server
    1. Open the BI Connector
    2. Login using your BI4Cloud credentials
    3. For each connection make a note of each connections details
    4. Then disconnect each file.
    5. When all files are disconnected got to Programs and Features and uninstall the BI Connector
  2. On the new server
    1. Open a web browser at
    2. Login using your BI4Cloud credentials
    3. Press +Add Company
    4. Choose the Accounting package you use 
    5. If the above selection is a server based accounting product then the connector will install
    6. After install launch the BI Connector, login and reconnect each company file
    7. Details on connecting can be found here

When you switch-over servers you will NOT loose any favourites or other report settings as these are stored on the BI4Cloud servers. All that will occur is a connection will be made to your new server and the data will sync from there.


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