Saving Favourite Reports to Auto Email

Reports can be Saved to Auto Email on the Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan users of Bi4Cloud can save significant time on running reports by scheduling them to auto email to any email address:

  • Daily
  • Weekly or
  • Monthly
  • Reports auto email at 8am following the overnight data sync

This Article provides guidance on how to:

Save New Favourite and Schedule to Auto Email

  • Click on the Save (Floppy disk) icon to create and save your own Favourites (Professional & Enterprise plan)
  • Tick the Schedule E-mail box
  • Choose report Frequency under Perform Task
  • Choose which company to report on
  • Enter email addresses
  • Separate multiple addresses using a "," comma
  • Choose report Format ( pdf, excel etc)
  • Save 


Edit or Remove Scheduled Emails

Reports that have been saved to Auto Email show an Envelope icon next to the Favourite name.

Click on the Edit icon to:

  • Change email recipients
  • Change email frequency or report format
  • Untick to stop Favourite from emailing
  • Save


If you are receiving a scheduled email from another user, their email will usually show as:
Printed On: 3/01/2022 9:02:04 AM by

Contact the report owner to request any changes.


Upgrade your Bi4Cloud Plan to Enterprise

Click here to learn how to check what plan you are on and to upgrade to Enterprise if you wish to use the Emailer feature.





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