Can I Round P&L numbers to Hide Cents?

The following P&L reports can show numbers rounded to hide cents:

  • BI4 GL Profit & Loss - choose either rounded or to include cents
  • BI4 GL Profit & Loss Forecast - rounded only Click here for more details on this classic month end P&L

The Default P&L Favourite reports show actual numbers including cents
These reports use the following dimensions:

  • Actual
  • Budget
  • Variance
  • All names are singular

Change Default P&L Dimensions to show rounded numbers

Choose the following to see the rounded numbers:

  • Actuals
  • Budgets
  • Variances
  • All names are plural to indicate these are the rounded numbers

Click on +/- Cols to select different dimensions to show as Columns

Choose the pluralised labels and move to the right-hand side to show them.


See below the difference between using the Singular names versus the Pluralised names.


Don't forget to Save as a new Favourite or Update to save over an existing Favourite.


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