After Upgrading MYOB ARLive - Force a Full BI4Cloud Data Refresh

The first time you connect an MYOB AccountRight Live file to Bi4Cloud  the Data sync  pulls all historical data.
This is a FULL Sync.  This Full sync may take a long time if your file is large.

Thereafter Bi4Cloud does an Incremental Sync, only extracting any new or changed transactions. This is much faster.

Ensure you manually Force a Full Sync  after you make major changes to your MYOB file  e.g.:

  • Upgrade MYOB file
  • Export data and re-import (e.g. Customer or Item cards)

To force Bi4Cloud to run another Full Sync:

  1. Login to your Bi4Cloud account as an Admin User at
  2. Click the red setup button against the company you wish to sync in FULL.


3. Tick the Force Full Sync checkbox and press Save (floppy disc Icon).


4. Once the Full Sync is completed following syncs will revert back to Incremental, you do not need untick the box.

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