New Chart Types - Q3 2021

Bubble Motion Chart

Like a Jimi Hendrix album there's a lot going on here. Up to 4 elements can be visualised simultaneously using X-Position, Y-Position, Size and Colour. These can then be set in motion using the Play button. Enjoy the loop.


Play here


Combo or Bar Line 

Combo Bar line graphs display result sets graphically with Bars used to categorise activities and Lines use to show cumulative. Typically there is a left Y Axis for the Bar values and a right Y Axis for Line values because the accumulation values are way bigger than the category values.


Play here


A client asked if we can we do Pareto Charts while we were working on Combo and Developer Mark said why not. The result is a really useful visualisation showing what elements contribute the most. The left Y Axis show the bar values and the right Y Axis the contribution percentage.


Play here

All these chart types can be incorporated into a dashboard.

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