New Login Feature - Linked to Support

Login Screen Changed

From May 22nd, 2021 when you go to login to Bi4Cloud you will notice small changes in the login panel. This is OK, it is still the Bi4Cloud login but we have changed how we check your login name and password, or in other words how we authenticate you.


One of the benefits of this new feature is after you login you can now directly access Support.

See the new menu item -  Support 


Clicking on Support takes you to the Help Desk and support ticket system. Because of the new authentication you are automatically  logged in as a user in the support system .


You can check your past activities or change your profile


My Activities

Because the support system now knows who you are it can then show you tickets you have created under your email address or that others have created in your organisation.

You can then see All, Open or Closed  tickets.

So there is no more need to go digging around emails to find the status of an issue. 


You can always get back to the main support page by clicking the Bi4Cloud logo in the left corner.

In the main support page you can search help topics, raise a support ticket or access the community pages to add ideas for new features or see what other Bi4Cloud users are asking about. 


If you like an idea you can respond to it, vote for it or follow it.

Adding Users and Changing User Passwords

Adding a New User & Creating Passwords

With the new authentication when a user is added to Bi4Cloud an email will be sent to them and they will create their own password. Passwords need to have complexity so they can't be easily guessed or broken.  When entering a password the system prompts for the type of complexity required.



Reset a Users Password

If a New user does not Confirm and Activate their password before the link expires the Admin user is able to login to BI @

  1. Click on User Admin
  2. Click on Edit against the users name
  3. Click on Change Password - this will resend  an email to reset the user password







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