Profit & Loss Reporting - Getting Started


Profit & Loss data can be presented in a variety of ways. Changing the style of presentation can help users to better understand how a business is tracking be it compared to budget, compared to prior periods  or seeing monthly or quarterly trends.

BI4Cloud P&L reports are incredibly flexible, start by taking a look at the following Default Favourite reports. Use these as a guide to start building and saving your own bespoke P&L reports.

Report Types

P&L - Detail (Analyze type report)

The P&L - Detail favourite is a simple Analyze type or list style report. Analyze type reports are great to see your data in more detail and to use to drill-down on numbers. Start here and explore what happens when you change rows, columns, dates and subtotals or click on a row to drill-down.

  • Analyze by - controls the Rows you see (change to summary account level or divisions)
  • Then by - controls the Drill-down sequence (drill-down to months or down to transactions)
  • +/- Cols - show or hide columns (use to hide Budgets, display Variances and % or to round numbers to $ not cents)
  • Trans Date - controls the Date range selected (use the dynamic dates e.g. Year to Last mth if possible)
  • Group by - controls how data is Grouped and Sub-totalled 
      • Group by Account-Type to show a classic P&L format:
        Income | COGS | Gross Profit | Expenses | Operating Profit/(Loss | Net Profit/(Loss)
      • Group by multiple subtotal levels and different subtotal types
      • Learn more - Add Multiple Subtotals - Group by levels


P&L - Monthly (Pivot type report)

The Pivot type report allows you to report over two dimensions, rows and columns. The Pivot report is ideal to use to see trends over any period of time, this example shows Months as columns across the page.

Using the Pivot type report change the columns to other time periods e.g. weeks, quarters or years.


To learn more about using Pivot type reports including adding and hiding fields, using Horizontal and Vertical Pivots formats see Pivot - To see Multiple Dimensions at once.

P&L - Act v Bud MTD v YTD (Compare Dates type report)

The Compare type report allows you to compare up to 4 pairs of custom date ranges. The Compare type report is ideal to create Actual v Budget reports over any chosen date ranges.


To learn more about using Compare type reports including hiding columns, adding variances and drill down see Compare - Awesome Date Comparison

P&L - Act v Bud inc LYR - Ultimate Month End P&L by Account (Classic month end P&L) 

As flexible as the above reports are (they are all based on the one BI4 GL Profit & Loss II report) we have had to create a special hard coded P&L report ( BI4 GL Profit & Loss Forecast) to be able to produce the Ultimate Month end P&L which is a Classic P&L format that includes columns for all of the following reporting options:

  • Actual vs Budget
  • Month To Date vs Year To Date vs Last Year
  • Full Year Budget vs Forecast where Forecast = BudgetFullYear - ActualsYTD

Using the BI4 GL Profit & Loss Forecast report, select the Date Range for the Month End to report on, then use the +/- Cols to choose which columns to show, hide or to re-order them.


To learn more about using the BI4 GL Profit & Loss Forecast report including changing columns, rows and subtotals see P&L Forecast - Ultimate Month End.




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