Tracking Code Hierarchy in Xero

We have implemented a Tracking Code hierarchy for Xero.

We determine levels by analysing the tracking code for  ':' or a ' - ' separator.
We treat the Left Side of the separator as the parent of the Right side. 

We support up to 4 levels.

Example 1
  Events - Events General
  Events - Golf Day

Become Levels

Level 1                                 Events
                                           /          \
Level2           Events General        Golf Day

Example 2

Fundraising & Marketing:Grants:Project 360
Fundraising & Marketing:Grants:Volunteers Grant
Fundraising & Marketing:Relationship


Level 1                           Fundraising & Marketing
                                        /                                    \
Level 2                    Grants                                  Relationship
                                /        \
Level3        Project 360   Volunteers Grant

This implements in the report Dimensions as a Named Level for each detected level. not we also catch Jobs because there were used at one time.

And the grouping hierarchy provides a condensed report output 


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