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Upcoming Release

Details about upcoming releases will be posted as they become available.

Current Release

June, 2021

New and enhanced features

  • Bi4 Analyse Sales II

    • Added Freight field to sales reports
      MYOB sales transactions include a separate Freight field at the foot of each sales order. Previously we only included line item sale transactions and did not include this Freight field in our sales reports. While the Freight field is a single $ amount for each invoice we allocate the Freight amount to each line of each invoice on a pro-rata basis. Use the +/- cols icon to display the Freight field

    • Added Payment Date information to sales reports
      New Payment date filter added in addition to the Invoice Sales Date. Filter by, Group by and Analyse by payment dates. Enhance sales reporting by Salesperson to show only invoice paid in a certain period.

    • Added Total Paid, Open balance, Paid % and Total $ inc Tax columns to sales reports
      Use the +/- cols icon to display the new fields.

    • BI4 Analyse Sales II report replaced original Bi4 Analyse Sales 3.8 and All Sales 5.7 which are now retired
      The introduction of payment date data into the sales report required the creation of a completely new Sales report mapping. All default Favourites based on BI4 Analyse Sales 3.8 were removed and replaced with Favourites based on the new report mapping. Any user created Favourites based on BI4 Analyse Sales 3.8 and All Sales 5.7 remain.
      Action Recommended: We recommend users rebuild any Sales Favourite reports using the new BI4 Analyse Sales II report to take advantage of the new available fields. To do this run one of the Default (Preset) Sales Favourite reports then change dates, set filters etc as you need. Save the new Favourite.

  • Bi4 All Sales 5.7

    • Use only for MYOB running Time Billing, Professional and Misc Sales Types
      MYOB Item Sales and Service Sales types are now both included in the new BI4 Analyse Sales II report.

  • Bi4 Sales-Orders-Quotes 3.02c

    • Added Qty On Hand, Qty on PO and Qty Available to the Item dimension

      To assist in managing open Sales Orders you can now report in one place to see what inventory is on hand and able to fulfil orders also see open Purchase Orders.


Previous Releases

Note: The information in the past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes. 

March, 2021 

New and enhanced features

  • Bi4 Analyse Sales II

    • Added Invoice Comment field into Invoice Detail
      Invoice comment can be used to group invoices together or to filter by 

June, 2019 

New and enhanced features

  • Bi4 Sales-Orders-Quotes

    • Bi4 Sales-Orders-Quotes report replaced original Bi4 Item Orders report which is now retired

      The former report ONLY dealt with Item Sales whereas the new report handles both Item Sales and Service Sales. If there is a need to restrict to Item Sales only then filter the Invoice Type for the value 'Item'.


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