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Morning Charles,

I wasn't 100% sure what you meant by prohibited. Was the option greyed out for you? I've attached a little video showing the steps to restrict a user and included the steps below.
To restrict the user, either permanently (set to Restrict By) or suggested (Default By) the user must perform the following steps in sequence.
  1. Set up a filter upon which they want to Restrict on, e.g Salerep Name, SalesrepID or Region.
  2. Open the Mapping and go to the Tables Tab.
  3. Select the Principle table and switch from the SQL Query to the Fields tab within it.
  4. Locate the Field you wish to Restrict on, eg employee table.
  5. Tick the Restrict by box (if not already ticked) and select the Filter in the dropdown, eg. SalesrepID
  6. Save
  7. Open the Users & Groups and locate the User you want to Restrict.
  8. Locate the mapping, you may have to add it to the User.
  9. Change from Full Access to Restricted By and select which filter to restrict on in the dropdown. There may be multiple.
  10. Remember to Save (this can sometimes be overlooked, I will add a ticket for this this morning).
  11. Log into the front end as this user and open a workbook on this mapping.
  12. When the workbook opens the filter will be present at the workbook level. The user can not edit or view the selected restricted values. (If the 'Default To' option was set the user can see and edit the section).
Is this the issue you are concerned about or is it something else?


From Marie Lane 21feb22


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