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The WorkBooks Beta is a preview of new WorkBooks functionality in Bi4Cloud. To participate in the Bi4Cloud WorkBooks Beta please email an expression of interest to 

Only Bi4Cloud users running Enterprise 5 (Cool Stuff or above) with Admin privilege can participate in the Beta at this time.

Once accepted we will provide access to the Beta section of BI4Cloud.

The URL to get access is 


You will see a login screen like this.


If you do not see the title Bi4Cloud Beta Login then you are not in the correct place. Re-check you entered  into the URL line of your browser and not into a google search bar.

Use your Bi4Cloud credentials to login. You will be presented with what looks like a familiar Bi4Cloud Admin page however it's a little different. The KPI link has been moved under the Cool Stuff button and a new button added for access to WorkBooks. Your normal reports are available under the Reports button.


Click the WorkBooks button and a WorkBook Selection screen is displayed. 


If your WorkBook Selection screen does not launch you need to check if you have pop-ups enabled for . Here are link to allow popups in common browsers  

The following Quick Help animations will help get you started.

| Change Company | Filter WorkBook | Learn More



Open a WorkBook | Select Another WorkBook | Return to WorkBook Selector Page


Open WorkBook at Specific Report Tab  |  Change Analyse Dimension

We could not save the changes in the WorkBook because it is shared and read-only. 

You need to take a copy of it.


Copy read-only WorkBook Edit/Save | Delete a WorkBook

Once Copied you need Save the WorkBook. Make you edits and save again


There are more details of WorkBook features in the article Using WorkBooks 


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