Announcing New Beta Release of BI4Cloud WorkBooks

We are excited to announce the upcoming Beta release of the new BI4Cloud WorkBooks functionality from 16 Dec.

WorkBooks is Reports re-imagined

While we know you rely on the flexibility and depth of our BI4Cloud current reports, presenting that same data, with Graphics and beautiful Charts, will better engage your users, quickly highlight trends and help your team to make better decisions faster.

Watch the video for a quick preview.


Join the Beta Program

To participate in the Bi4Cloud WorkBooks Beta please email an expression of interest to

Only Bi4Cloud users with Admin privilege can participate in the Beta at this time, preference will be given to those running Enterprise 5 (Cool Stuff or above).

Once accepted we will provide access to the Beta section of BI4Cloud.

Advantages of Workbooks

1. Bring your data alive with more graphical dashboards
2. Organise your reports, charts and notes altogether in WorkBooks rather than individual reports
2. Highlight key numbers and trends to track KPIs
3. Drill down into detail tabs with trend indicators to improve clarity and drive focus
4. Customise a WorkBook to your specific needs and email or share

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