How do I compare Sales or P&L over multiple years?

A new client has asked.  "With Covid-19 severely impacting my results last year, how can I compare Sales and P&L over multiple years?"



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    Compare Type
    Using the Compare report Type you can select up to 8 columns with varying Date ranges to display. So one option would be to change the dates to pick up the past X years that you want to line up side by side. You can also add a variance column between each pair of dates if you choose. 
    See Compare - Awesome Date Comparison

    Pivot Type
    If you want to compare similar time frames (all Years, All Quarters etc.) then another option would be to use the Pivot Type report. 

    • start with the P&L Monthly (or Sales Monthly) Favourite and then 
    • change the column dimension from Months to Trans by Years/Sales by Year
    • change the date range to "All" or enter dates to pick up as far back as you wish to report
    • See Pivot - To see Multiple Dimensions at once
    • this will line up all of the years across the page

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