Detailed Sales report by Line

We have a request from our parent company  for a report that they can use for Audit.

They are looking for a Sales Detail report that lists every line on every invoice with Sales, GP etc.So it needs to include on the same line the:

  • Invoice Number
  • Salesperson
  • Customer
  • Item
  • Show selling details - Qty, $Amount, Margin.

I have set up a report that just needs the Item and the Salesperson columns added. How would I do that?



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    Suggest you start with the default Sales - Analyse Sales and Margins report as this is a List/Analyse style report that shows Qty, $ Sales & Margins.


    • Set any Filter for specific Items, Product Groups Supplier etc
    • Select the Date Range to report on
    • Change Analyse by from Customer to Invoice Line Detail  
      - this will change the Rows from Customer to instead show ever line of every sales invoice
      - use +/- cols to pick columns to Hide or to Show
      - Salesperson is not currently a field on this dimension so..
    • Group by Salesperson ( or Customer Salesrep depending on the one you use) 
      - this will put a Subtotal for all sales to each Salesperson
      - to see the Salesperson name on every row instead see below
    • Change Group by Type from Total to Columns ( click the Green Plus)  to show the Salesperson on each Row; see
      Favourite Reports - Subtotals (Group By) -

    Save your report to use again next month!

  • Thankyou. This is exactly what I needed.

    Being able to build on a standard report like this saves a lot of time and provides a lot of flexibility.


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