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A client has asked how to add postcode as a column in a standard BI4Cloud Sales by Customer report?



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    The Customer Postcode (Zipcode) can be displayed in BI4Cloud Sales reports in a number of ways:

    1. Sub-total Customers by Postcode

    Simply choose to Group by the Customer Postcode field, this will group all customers together that share the same billing Postcode.

    2. Add Postcode as a new Column field against each Customer

    To show the Postcode as a new field that appears against each Customer use the Group by Type = Columns. 
    Click the Green + icon to access more advanced Group by Options including Multiple subtotals

    3. Analyse by Postcode to see Total sales for each Postcode as a row

    Analyse by Postcode to see Postcode as Rows, you could then add a Group by Customer State field too.

    4. See All Customers by Postcode 

    Suggest also use the BI4Cloud Customer Card List report which will report over ALL customers setup in your system, not just ones who you have recently sold to.

    See  Customer Card List - Who needs CRM?



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