Can I create a report of new customers since a specific date?

We want to generate a report to see the number of new customers we have gained since 2019 and wonder if there is a way I can produce this data in BI4Cloud reporting please?

I know there is a field called – customer last sales date and likewise if we have customer’s first sales date we should be able to do some filtering to work out the new customers during that period.



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    Yes suggest you run the Customer Card List report.

    This runs over your whole Customer Card master-file and allows you to filter to focus on a select group of customers and generate a list that can be exported to Excel.

    You can filter on the First Active Date to create a report of all customers whose first Sale transaction was within that date range. See:

    Other popular uses for this report are to filter by:

    • Last Active Date - to identify customer who last bought from you during a specific date range
    • Days Since Last Active - to identify customer who have not bought from you for a specific number of days
    • Total Sales (Cumulative) - to identify your top customers by sales value

    Let us know how you go.

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