How can BI4Cloud help your business?


Your Business information is there in your accounting system but it's not accessible

Accounting, Order Entry and Job Costing software automates many manual processes and keeps your business information in a central database.

History of your clients' transactions, knowledge about your product sales, performance of your projects are all in this database and can be accessed with standard reporting.

Standard reporting in your accounting package doesn't cut it

These standard reports often don't easily provide the answers to questions you need to improve your business - questions like:

  • Who is my best or worst performing sales rep?
  • What products yield the best margins?
  • What products will I run out of in the next few weeks?
  • What projects are running over budget?

Use Business Intelligence to unlock your data value

Answers to these questions and many more are easily accessible using Business Intelligence (BI) software but BI software has, until now, been out of the reach of small businesses.

That was until Bi4Cloud was released.

Please consider the following questions: 

  • Do you run multiple MYOB files ? link
  • Do you run Inventory and Sales? link
  • Run Multiple Divisions or Cost Centres? link
  • Run Many or Large Projects ? link

If the answer to any of these is 'Yes' then you can determine how the features in BI4Cloud can help your business by using the matrix below or download the attached qualification sheet.

An affordable Business Intelligence solution for you

Identify issues in your business and learn more about now BI4Cloud can help.

Do you run multiple MYOB files ?

Qualify the detail of the issue BI Feature
Need to consolidate multiple companies?  Multi-Company consolidation
Need to combine multiple years ? Consolidate Sales History
Need consolidated GL, AR, AP, Sales, Purchase, Jobs?  Consolidate Group History
Bonus: One page consolidated P&L Ultimate P&L


Need better information on Inventory and Sales?

Qualify the detail of the issue BI Feature
Visualise Sales Activity? Cool Charts
See Margins, Gross Profit, Qty and Discounts? Detail Sales Analytics
Sales Budgets by Salesperson, Customer/Item Groups? Sales budgeting
Target loyal customer not buying? CRM for no effort
Need to to plans Sales Using BI to create sales KPIs


Run Multiple Divisions or Cost Centres?

Qualify the detail of the issue BI Feature
Using Job for Divisions or Cost Centres ? Budget Jobs by Month
One page P&L : Actual, Budget, Var MTD, YTD, Last Year, Full Year
Divisional, AP, AP, Purchases ? Not just P&L but details
Pro and Cons of various Divisional reporting techniques Divisional Reporting in MYOB
Bonus: P&L with Divisions as Columns Divisional Reporting with GL Custom Lists


Run Many or Large Projects ?

Qualify the detail of the issue BI Feature
Track Job Profits, Budgets and Variance By Job, Customer and Manager
Calculate WIP each Month More Control
Forecast Job Profit including commited Purchase Orders Includes pending Sales and Purchases
Bonus: Keep tight control from Project inception Best Practice projects



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