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MYOB Advanced allows transaction activity to be allocated across many fields, BI4Cloud enables users to easily create very flexible P&L reports utilising a combination of these fields including:


Report simply at the GL Account level for a detailed classic P&L.


Account Classes

The MYOB Advanced Account Class groupings appear in BI4cloud as Account Sub-Type and are great to produce a Summary level P&L



MYOB Advanced supports allocation of transactions to Sub-Accounts that are made up of Segments, in this example there are 3 Segments that make up the Sub-Account.

  • SB1-SB2-SB3

BI4cloud enables reporting at the complete Sub-Account level or by any or a combination of the individual Segments. See below examples of reports using the Sub-Account dimensions in reports as Rows (use Analyse by to change Rows in BI4Cloud).  BI4cloud reports can also use the Sub-Account fields to Group by, Filter by and even Pivot by as Columns in reports.

Full Sub-Account


Segment 1 - SB1 = Product

See Sub-account segment Products as rows using the Analyse by field.


See Sub-account segment Products as columns using the Pivot by field.


Segment 2 - SB2 = Department


Segment 3 - SB3 = Region

See Sub-account segment Region as rows using the Analyse by field.


Filter by Sub-account segment Region (New South Wales - NSW) and show Accounts as rows for a monthly P&L by Region.



See Sub-account segment Branch as rows using the Analyse by field.


See a Summary Monthly P&L by Sub-account segment Region using a Vertical Pivot.




Report by all Projects



For more guidance on producing Flexible P&L reports in any style see Profit & Loss Reporting - Getting started.

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