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  1. How do I access my Clients BI system ?
  2. How many trials have I referred and what is the gross income ?
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  4. How do I know which clients aren't using BI and need my services to help ?


Advisors login to Bi4Cloud using their Bi4Cloud credentials. They are presented with a Bi4Cloud Administrator screen similar to a business owners screen which shows the aAvisor's company files ( either test or real files). Additionally there is an "Advisors" label to indicate your are logged in as an advisor and two options (shown with red circles below) to access information about their clients.Advisor01.png


The red circles 1 and 2 show items that only appear on the advisor console and hexagon is an indicator for BI Connector

  1. The first circle is under button that gives access to information about your clients
  2. The second circle is under a button that gives you access to your clients reporting system
  3. The Blue hexagon is an indicator that shows 1 or more datafiles are on a clients server and it shows if it is online or offline.

Access your Client's Reporting System

Clicking the Client option ( it's shown above in circle 2 ) on the menu bar provides access to all the Advisors clients.


It shows each Client organisation summary information. Clicking on the expand arrow ">" will then show each company within the selected client's organisation.  The information displayed here depends upon the level of access the client has given to the Advisor.


Minimally the information displayed will contain the company name and last extract time. If the Client has provided the Advisor permission then additional buttons and charts are displayed. That permission is set in the after the end-user user logs in under the Organisation menu. See below.


An report access button under the Reports heading provide access to the Client BI menu and gives the advisor the ability to setup and configure clients reports and charts. On the same line spark charts display showing client business activity to give the advisor a snapshot view of the clients business.  

You can use this screen to see when your clients last logged in, when their subscription expires and how many companies they have connected. You can filter to find specific clients and you can look at lapsed clients. If you require further information then this can be found in the Client Meta Data reporting area which is described next.



Client Meta Data and Advisor Income

The second Advisor option provides access to the Advisor Income including amortised income and access to your Clients Meta data including login statistics, favourite usage and the number of company files connected. There are several reports and charts here that will assist the advisor in monitoring clients activity and minimising client churn. In the screen shot below we show the churn report showing the login count for last 30 and 7 days indicating the usage frequency.

To access this area click the button highlighted in Red.


The following menu of reports is presented


Trials and Income
The Dashboard gives you a snapshot of your trials, conversion and income of the preceding 12 months. 
Amount are in AUD so some fluctuations are due to exchange differences. 
The North West quadrant shows a Trails by Month bar chart with a coloured box for each client signing up for a trial.
The North East quadrant shows a Conversion ( i.e. Subscription ) bar chart for each month. It places the Subscription not when they subscribe but when they started the Trial. We do this so it's easy to see the success of the BI Trials and what the best month to run trials is.
The South West quadrant is the income ( is $A ) as it is received. So a yearly payment will show as one lump.
The South East quadrant is the Income Amortised over 12 months. This is a better indicator of income growth because it takes the yearly lump sums over 12 months along with the individual monthly payments.


The "00 Churn Risk" shows the usage of BI by the Existing Clients. The reports is ordered by the 7 and 30 day logins. The fewer logins the more likely the clients are not using BI and are about to churn. Also note they may have set up favourite that auto-email and so they may not be logging in but rather using the emailer to deliver reports.

Evaluation Progress

The "00 Evaluation Progress" shows the  usage of the BI4Cloud system by Evaluation Client and the reports is ordered by the number of Days the Evaluation has lasted.

If you see a non zero value under Companies_In_Use and high counts in 7 day and 30 day logins then it's likely the evaluation is going well. If the Companies_In_Use is 0 then they have nt connected a company file and are not trialling their data. This is a RED flag and they need to be followed up.


All Organisations
The "01 All Orgs by status" gives the big picture of your BI Clients and groups thereby Active, Extended Trial,
Evaluation and Expired.
Favourite Usage
And the “02 Favourite Usage This Qtr vs Last Quarter” shows how many times the client used favourites and you can drill to see which favourite.
This is also a good indicator of client usage of BI
Tools like these will help you convert more trials and keep existing clients using BI and provide opportunities for your services.
If logins drop or favourite usage drops it’s a signal that more training or consultancy may be needed.
An email or phone call early helps clients to get the best of BI and keep them subscribing.


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