Item Sales v All Inventory: Track Inventory against Sales History

Track Inventory levels against past Sales History 

This reports All Items in Inventory v Items that have sold over the past 12 months.

It then compares the Qty sold to the:

  • On hand,
  • + On Order,
  • - Committed
  • = Available Qty
  • Average monthly sales (over Last 12 months)
  • Number of weeks since item last sold
  1. Run any Favourite Report based on the report Item Sales v All Inventory. 
    The standard Favourite Inventory Re-Order shows Qty Sold for:
    - This Month
    - Each of the Last 3 months - Mth-1, Mth-2, Mth-3
    - Total for the Last 12 Months - 12 Mth Total
    - Average for the Last 12 Months (12 Mth Total/12) - 12 Mth Avg
    - No. weeks since item was Last Sold - Last Sold Wks


  2. To See a longer or shorter period (up to 12 Months or last 6 weekly) Show more Columns
    - Click on the icon +/- Columns
    - Select Columns to Show  - e.g. extend to go back for 6 months
    - Use Green Arrows to reorder the Columns


  3. Final Report - Now shows 6 months past Sales History

  4. Track Current Inventory levels against past Seasonal Demand
    If your business is Seasonal then recent sales history is not so useful.
    What you may want to see is what sold last year, for the upcoming season.
    To achieve this you can set the Sales to pick up Mth-12, Mth-11, Mth-10 and Mth-9. This will show the Sales for this time last year and the next 3 months, last year.

  5. Identify Inventory that is Not Selling
    Filter on the Last Sold Weeks column to focus on inventory that has not sold for X weeks.


  6. Save your report to re-use

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