Password Errors/Mismatch on MYOB

Some versions of MYOB Clasic and ABSS Premier only have a 11 character password limit. When connecting these files to Bi4cloud the entire number of characters entered in the Bi4Cloud pasword field is passed to MYOB to valaidate and in additional charcters past  11 will return a password fail.

This was diagnosed by Lim Su Eong of J-Tech Malaysia.

Email Transcript

Lim Su Eong

Nov 19, 12:15 PM AEDT

Hi Charles,

The password for the file is actually 12 characters long whereby the maximum for MYOB is just 11. When the password if entered in MYOB, it actually stops after 11 characters without users really realizing they didn’t actually key in the last character of * because they looked so small and won’t notice that it is not moving anymore also. As for BI, it actually accepts the whole string of password. That is why it didn’t match.

 Lim Su Eong
M : +6016 412 7606
E :


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