How can I see Gross Profit and Margin by Supplier?

Knowing your Gross Profit and Margin by each supplier can help you to:

  • Decide which suppliers to continue to work with 
  • Negotiate better pricing with your suppliers

To see Gross Profit by Supplier

  1. Run the Favourite Sales (Item) - Margin by Customer
  2. Change the Sales Date Range to the desired period
  3. Change Analyse by to Supplier - To see Supplier as the Rows


  4. Drill down on One Supplier to see Margin by Item by Clicking on the Supplier Name

  5. Analyse by Item and Group by Supplier to see Margin by all Items sub-totalled by Supplier


  6. Use Compare type report to compare GP and Margin to any prior period


To learn more about creating Compare Type reports - Click Here


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