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logo-qbo-60.pngCustomer Levels - Customer | Sub-Customer | Projects   

Customers can be setup in QuickBooks Online as a stand alone Customer, as a Sub-Customer or as a Project (Projects can sit under Customers or Sub-customers). BI4Cloud is able to produce very flexible sales reporting over this Customer hierarchy.

QuickBooks Online then allows for not just sales, but expenses and other transactions to be allocated to a Customer, Sub-customer or Project. The result is reporting on full profitability and margins by Customer, Sub-Customer and Project is possible out of the box with BI4cloud.


Customer Sub-Accounts - Setup in QuickBooks Online


Customer Projects- Setup in QuickBooks Online


How BI4Cloud uses the Customer Levels

The levels Customer, Sub-Customer and Project are available in the BI4Cloud reports as dimensions that can be used to Chart, Filter, Summarize, Group or Pivot by. They can also be combined with other dimensions including Class.

Profit & Loss by Customer | Sub-Customer | Projects  

Profit & Loss data can be presented in a variety of ways. Changing the style of presentation can help to better understand how a business is tracking be it compared to budget, compared to prior periods or seeing monthly or quarterly trends.

BI4Cloud P&L reports are incredibly flexible, start by taking a look at the Default Favourite reports. Use these as a guide to start building and saving your own bespoke P&L reports.
Learn more -Profit & Loss Reporting - Getting Started

P&L Summary Monthly by Project



P&L Pivot by Project



Sales Analysis by Customer | Sub-Customer | Projects  

Sales and Margin reports in BI4cloud enable very flexible reporting by the Customer, Sub-Customer and Project levels in conjunction with Item and Item Levels, Class & Class levels and Location. 
Learn More -Sales - Understand your Margins

Monthly Sales - Items by Project 



Customer Card List - Who needs CRM?

Simple yet powerful complete list of key information on ALL customers, Sub-customers and Projects in your accounting system, even if you have not yet sold them anything! Your Sales reps will love this. Learn more - Customer Card List - Who needs CRM?

Analyse by Customer Level 1 
To see summary by the Customer group


Analyse by Customer
To see breakdown by Customer, Sub-customer and Projects




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