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Feature update from Marcello Colling 05oct23

IRNG / WorkBooks now has user profiles to define different types of permissions for users, including administrative permissions. Because of that, we don’t need the admin password anymore.

An Administrator profile is created with all permissions; when installing or updating to this version, one user should be chosen as the administrator. Later, you can define other admin users if necessary.

All other users are configured as “Reports Visualization” profile that can do the same thing they used to do. Edit formatting rules and edit PDF templates can be unchecked if you don’t want them to change it.

Admin has been broken into several permissions and we can create different types of profiles if needed.

The feature includes the profile name in the user screen list and also a button the show the users in the profile screen.

[This is in the IRNG Admin screens not available in Bi4 Multi-Tenant]

Each permission has a description below when the row is focused on. But I want to mention that “Manage Workbooks” means that the user can see and edit any workbook, no matter who is the owner and if it is shared or not.




In the Users screen you define the User Profile.




When the user has the “Manage Workbook” permission, the workbooks from other users will have this user icon after the name. You can click on the eye icon to hide the other user's workbooks. If you hover the mouse over the user icon, you can see the owner name and the email address.


image003.png >>>>>>>  image004.png



On the home page, you have the same feature to hide workbooks from other users. A new column with the owner's name was included in this case.


Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 8.25.21 am.png


This was due to the setting Manage Workbooks in the CF Charles Admin Fox profile



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