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I use the BI4 Item Sales v All Inventory report which includes the  "Last Weeks Sold" feature when reordering. It's very helpful.

To really get a handle on our inventory efficiency we are looking for a report that gives us "Last Purchase Date", "Last Purchase Quantity", "Current on Hand"

This would show us, for example, that we bought 100 pieces a month ago and have 10 left.  Is a report like this possible?



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    The BI4 Item Sales v All Inventory report has recently been enhanced to not only compare Item Qty on hand and past sales history, but now also includes:

    This report can also be used to Filter for any Items where the Last Purchase weeks was say >52 weeks etc using the Numeric Filter

    An alternative report that can be used to quickly identify both slow and fast moving inventory is the Inventory Cover report.

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